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L&T Maintenance Services

Preventative Home Maintenance Service


Preventative home maintenance service starts by a thorough property inspection. Our expert technicians complete a detailed inspection of all systems and conditions to determine the best program to maintain properties effective as possible, and to comply with all equipment manufacturer’s warranty requirements. We develop a scheduled maintenance program specific to each property, to maintain all systems, equipment and surfaces.  Regular maintenance is the least expensive way to own and preserve property values; deferred maintenance results in expensive unexpected repairs and inconvenience.

Included in scheduled maintenance program:


  • Inspect HVAC systems and perform maintenance to maintain warranties

  • Clean dryer vents to prevent fires

  • Check and flush hot water heaters

  • Check function of all drains, faucets, and valves

  • Inspect all sewer lines by camera, clear roots and jet lines as necessary

  • Test smoke detectors and change batteries as needed

  • Inspect electrical panels, replace/adjust parts as needed

  • Replace light bulbs as needed

  • Check Irrigation systems, adjust timers as required by season

  • Service and replace landscape lights as necessary

  • Clear gutters, downspouts and drainage systems

  • Inspect exterior doors and locks, adjust as necessary

  • Follow property specific special maintenance

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