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Professional Maintenance & Cleaning Services in One Place

We provide the skilled repairs and maintenance required for fine properties

Our skilled tradesmen average 15+ years experience building and remodeling high quality estates in Southern California.

L&T workers are skilled journeyman, not handymen – they are specialists in quality work.

Our expert cleaning teams ensure client satisfaction 

From commercial to residential to construction cleaning, our team has experience cleaning select surfaces, finishes, precious valuables and high-end equipment.

We ensure each L&T team member is well groomed, uniformed and works quietly and efficiently. Our premier customer service contributes to our high client satisfaction. 

Don’t worry about Home Maintenance, Repairs, or Expert Cleaning ever again

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Our Services

L&T has an in-house staff of tradesmen who can perform most all skills required to repair, restore & detail clean fine properties. Our services include:

​Preventative Maintenance

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC

  • Carpentry & Hardware

  • Minor Structural Repairs

  • Termite Repairs

  • Tile & Stone Repair & Finishing

  • Drywall & Plaster

  • Painting & Staining

Cleaning Services

  • Commercial Construction Cleaning

  • Residential Construction Cleaning

  • Detail Commercial Cleaning

  • Detail Residential Cleaning

  • Detail Estate Cleaning

  • Window and Glass Cleaning


L&T is all about
Problem Solving

Each property is unique. We have the expertise to resolve issues quickly and efficiently in tight time schedules.

Our managers are efficient and discrete. They direct and schedule our craftsmen to complete projects on schedule with the best quality.

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