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Lawrence & Thomas Estate Services is a full service maintenance and cleaning company, organized to cover all aspects of maintaining, repairing and cleaning better residential properties. Our team of qualified personnel have experience and knowledge of all aspects of home maintenance and construction, formed over decades of building estates on the West Side of LA.

Our company founders have been in the real estate, construction and renovation business for a combined 75+ years. They built hundreds of residential estates, resort properties and mixed use multi family projects. Over the years, the need for maintenance services became evident; too often completed properties are not properly maintained and serviced to preserve system warranties, and protect property values. 

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It’s very difficult to source skilled tradesmen for the various systems: plumbing, HVAC, electrical, digital systems, hardware, specialty cleaning and sealing of surfaces, all require unique trades. L&T has all necessary trades and skills in-house with our experienced employee journeymen, we uniquely provide a single source for all trades required to keep properties in top condition, warranties in effect and detailed by skilled cleaning experts.


Maintenance Services

We primarily focus on preventative care to your estate, while also offering repair services if needed. Our value on maintenance helps keep your estate ready for anything.


Cleaning Services

Our cleaning technicians come from world-class resorts and understand which chemicals need to be used on specific surfaces, emphasizing that not all surfaces are the same.

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