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L&T Cleaning Services

Detailed Professional Cleaning

The L&T cleaning team is focused on comprehensive cleaning jobs.  Specializing in detailed deep cleaning, our teams are comprised of professionals with extensive experience in hospitality, residential and commercial cleaning. All team members are full time employees, responsible, accountable and well trained. Our crew supervisors have decades of experience.


Our teams perform detail cleaning of newly constructed properties,  which requires skills and knowledge beyond everyday cleaners’ abilities.  Using the correct materials and methods is essential to prevent damage to new surfaces: mirrors, windows, polished fixtures, stone surfaces, cabinetry, etc. which are easily damaged without careful attention to detail and use of non-corrosive and non-abrasive environmentally safe products.


Our thorough cleaning process is especially liked by realtors in the process of selling an existing home to new buyers; cleanliness and sterilization during the covid crisis is key in preparing a property  for new occupants.

Buyers really appreciate the extra effort to make their new property their new home.

Our clients:


  • Builders and developers who need new projects made pristine before turning them over to end users.

  • Realtors who are preparing properties for sale or who gift their new buying clients with a perfect clean of their new home.

  • Estate owners and managers who recognize that cleanliness is key to maintaining and enjoying fine properties with seasonal whole house detailed cleaning.

  • Production Companies with on-location cleaning and maintenance needs.

  • Event Planning Companies wanting detail cleaning before or after their special events.


Our cleaning services include:


  • Commercial New Construction Cleaning

  • Residential New Construction Cleaning

  • Estate Cleaning Services

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