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Lawrence & Thomas

Maintenance and cleaning services for your estate

Maintenance Services

We primarily focus on preventative care to your estate, while also offering repair services if needed. Our value on maintenance helps keep your estate ready for anything.

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning technicians come from world-class resorts and understand which chemicals need to be used on specific surfaces, emphasizing that not all surfaces are the same.

Let us be your one-stop shop

L&T is a one-stop shop for estate owners and realtors who need all around home maintenance care and detail cleaning services. Our tradesmen have been in the general contracting industry for 15+ years, so they aren’t your regular handymen. These men built the estates they’re now servicing so you are guaranteed the best of the best.


Who uses our services?


We specialize in escrow punch-lists so we can complete them quickly since we have all the specialists in house. This is perfect for agents in the buying/selling process.

Home owners & estate managers

We can make their lives easier by giving them one place to call for their preventative maintenance plans with their clients instead of calling tons of different vendors.

Production Companies

We can be a one-stop call for production companies filming on location who might need service repairs during filming and/or detail cleaning crew to come in once filming.

Construction & General Contractors

We specialize in new construction clean-up. We can make sure everything is in order for their commercial and residential construction.


Why choose Lawrence & Thomas?

Let our team take care of the time consuming work that comes with maintenancing a home- all you have to do is let us know and we will handle everything else for you. From calling a plumber to scheduling a routine cleaning, L&T makes sure you receive the best care and service possible.

Interested in working with us?

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